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Concierge Services

Luxury home living room with pendant lights
At Oppenheim Real Estate we have earned a reputation for bringing the city's most luxurious properties to market. We make concerted efforts to partner with our clients to ensure their home is at its maximum potential prior to launch, even if that means fronting the costs for necessary cosmetic improvements and repairs.
Luxury home kitchen with a sketch
Our concierge service is one of the many examples of the elite representation we believe our clients deserve.
Our Services
- Deep Cleaning
- Cosmetic Renovations
- Decluttering
- Pest Control
- Staging
- Painting
- Landscaping
- Closet Buildout
- Window Replacement
- Bathroom Remodel
- New Flooring
- Home Automation
- Roof Repair
- Mold Remediation
- Earthquake Retrofit
- Kitchen Remodel